Hello Hello everyone! Its sure is a marvelous Monday! Even though its rather hot outside.. I can't help but stop and thank God that today is just an all around good day. :)
    Unlike most people, Mondays are probably my favorite day of the week. Why, you ask? Because every Monday is my day off from both jobs. I look forward to Monday all week! 
    So, lets make your Monday just a little better. How? A giveaway! As a baker, I obviously spend a TON of time in the kitchen. I use all sorts of kitchen tools and gadgets. Some of my favorite things are from Tupperware. My mom has been selling Tupperware form a few years now.. so needless to say, I've fallen in love with some of supplies! And today.. I would like to share some with you!  

Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers
Here's what you could possibly win! 
This prize includes 3 separate items.
1. Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers
2. Mini Modular Mate (great for spices and other things!)
3. Mini Fridge Smart (works great for keeping herbs, vegetables, and fruits fresher for longer!)

Mini Fridge Smart
How to Enter

1. Become a fan of my blog on Facebook
2. Leave a comment below! 

Its that easy guys! Don't forget to share this giveaway with your friends so they have a chance to win too! The winner will be picked using random.org. The contest will be ending Sunday July 22 at 11:59pm central time and the winner will be announced sometime on Monday! 

Also be sure to check out my mom's Tupperware site! It really is some of the best products you could ask for! 
If you have any questions message me here! Good luck everyone! 


Kenzie Sweeney
17/07/2012 11:45am

College kid = tupperware is my best friend. :)

jennifer vanderveer
17/07/2012 11:50am

cool. i love your blog btw

terri courtney
17/07/2012 11:51am

i love tupperware

Monica Pinnick
18/07/2012 12:09pm

love your blog. Love Tupperware. Miss seeing my Miss Jennie.

18/07/2012 8:32pm

best friend! you're blog is awesome! and I also heart your face :)

19/07/2012 7:25pm

I love all your recipes dear :-)

Sandy Jaquith
20/07/2012 10:05am

Great blog. It's is so wonderful that you followed your heart's desire to bake and decorate. There is nothing better than home-made baked goods, and nothing more fulfilling than honoring your heart. I also loved Kenzie's guest blog. She brings such sparkle and enthusiasm. I hope you'll invite her back.

22/07/2012 4:48pm

Can family win? I love love love the blueberry muffin recipe! I made them this morning Zach won't quit eating them .

22/07/2012 8:24pm

U did a fantastic job on christophers bday cake and i xant wait to have the big one so i can c the other 2. Also the zucchinni bread was fabulous. Love ya

Karla Wages
22/07/2012 9:39pm

Your Brownies with the CREAM CHEESE look divine and I THINK I am going to try to make them TOMORROW. YEAH me lol


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